Storm Panels

We provide the following shutter options for property owners:

Storm Panels

The Eyewall Armor® EA Hurricane Panels surpass the Florida Building Code testing standards including the International Building and Residential ASTM standards, as well as the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone found in Miami-Dade County. The Eyewall Armor® EA Hurricane Panels have Florida Building Code Product Approvals.

Eyewall Armor® EA

is ready to take on even the most extreme weather conditions. They have been tested to perform in wind zones in excess of 180mph in accordance with the latest Florida Building Codes. They are also tested for the 9-lb large 2” x 4” missile impact from windborne debris in accordance with the ASTM E1886/E1996 protocols, which are the most rigid in the world. The Aluminum .050” and .060” panels have also been tested for the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone TAS 201-202 and 203 standards (the old Miami-Dade test standards). Clear Polycarbonate panels meeting the same testing standards are also available which can be used alone or mixed into our patented Clear/Metal/Clear applications which allows you to avoid that closed-in “cave” feeling while waiting for the storm to hit and pass.


Aluminum & Steel

  • Our .050” and .060” aluminum Eyewall Armor® panels carry Florida product approvals, including HVHZ and non-HVHZ evaluations.
  • Our ultra-light .018” (28 gauge), and .023” (24 gauge) galvanized steel Eyewall Armor® panels with rolled safety edges are tested for 9-lb. large missile impact to A.S.T.M. E1886 and E1996 standards for use in the Florida Building Code.
  • Unparalleled Hurricane Protection.
  • Lightweight.
  • Corrosion-resistant.
  • Affordable and cost-effective.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Added property value.
  • Reduced insurance costs.
  • Multiple track options.
  • Panels available in Mill Finish, Galvanized, Clear, or some in White.
  • Tracks are available in White or Bronze.
  • Professional in-house customer service and technical support.
  • Patented clear-metal-clear applications.
  • Patents #US 6,868,642 B2 and US 6,615,555 B2

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