Rolling Shutters

We provide the following shutter options for property owners:

Rolling Shutters

Eyewall Armor® End Retention Rolling Hurricane Shutters are designed for strength and beauty. All of our Rolling Hurricane Shutters have been rigorously tested. Our versatile systems offer you a choice of vented or non-vented slats, in four color choices, combined with a wide array of electronic motors and controls that will seamlessly integrate with your shutters, (see “Accessories” category). These will provide your home or business with unparalleled comfort and convenience while affording you maximum protection against Hurricanes and intruders.

The EA 44mm and MS 56mm

End Retention Systems are two of the only systems available that employ Aluminum Rivets to secure the End Retention Guides (or wind locks) to the Slat. This avoids the issue of inserting Stainless Steel screws into the end of the Slats, which causes severe galvanic corrosion through the contact of dissimilar and incompatible metals. This corrosion adversely affects the ability of a screw in an End Retention Guide to perform over extended exposure in coastal environments.

  • Eyewall Armor® Aluminum Rolling Shutters have some of the industry’s highest LOAD BEARING capacities. The design of the Town & Country End Retention System is so strong that a 9.5′ wide x 10′ tall shutter is capable of withstanding over 11,000-lbs. of test load pressure.
  • Our Aluminum Rolling Shutters can be custom made to fit virtually any door, window, patio, or porch opening in private residences or commercial buildings.
  • Rolling Shutters provide not only superior storm protection, but increase security, protect interior furnishings from sunlight damage, and can reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • The versatility of our system offers choices of slat venting, multiple colors, and a wide array of motors and electronics that will seamlessly integrate your system providing comfort and convenience.
  • End Retention and Non-End Retention versions provide security and protection against intrusions, hurricane-force winds, windborne debris, and ultraviolet rays.
  • EA Rolling Shutters can be configured to automatically lock and unlock avoiding costly potential damage caused by operating a manually locked shutter prior to unlocking. This is especially important in commercial applications where a nonfunctioning shutter can be costly to your business.
  • Recommended for doors, windows, porches, lanais, balconies, storefronts, and more.
  • Motorization is available with tubular motors from 20Nm-300Nm and wireless electronics which accommodate a wide range of applications.

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